Marxism Leninism / Anti-imperialism sources

A collection of sources, articles, PDF’s, on Marxism Leninism and on the Marxist Leninist line to follow on historical events and upholding revolutionary nations battling western imperialism, workers of the world, unite!



Marxist Leninist readings:

Neo colonialism the last stage of imperialism by kwame Nkrumah

Another view of Stalin by Ludo Martens

Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism by Lenin

On the question of revisionism by W.Z. Foster

Foundations of Leninism by Stalin

The three sources and three components parts of Marxism by Lenin

The state by Lenin

Imperialism Reserves by Stalin

Fundamentals of Marxism Leninism

The Comintern and the East: The Struggle for the Leninist Strategy and Tactics in National Liberation Movements‬

The national question by Stalin

Holodomor Myth:
The “Holodomor” and the Film “Bitter Harvest” are Fascist Lies by Grover Furr 

Fraud, famine, and fascism by Douglas Tottle

Holodomor Hoax: Joseph Stalin’s Crime That Never Took Place

Stalin, Soviet Agriculture & Collectivization

Soviet Peasants & Collectivization 1930-39: Resistance/Adaptation‬


Chinese communist revolution: 

Stalin and the Chinese revolution

The Chinese revolution and the Chinese communist party 

Quotations from Mao Tse Tung

 Present day china: belt and road initiative

Belt and road initiative: benefits for china AND receiving countries

XiJinping: China will launch 100 poverty alleviation projects and 100 health care, rehabilitation projects in countries along belt and road

China & market socialism: a question of state and revolution

Chinese cooperation and alliance with African countries:

Interview: Chinese investments pivotal to Kenya’s progress 

China donates to Kenya 4 mobile clinics, which prove successful in China’s own campaign to promote rural medicare

China pledges $60bn to develop Africa (ZERO INTEREST LOANS)

Somali students reviving full ride scholarships from Chinese gov

Chinese gov provides more scholarships to Liberian students

30 Gambians offered Chinese gov scholarships 

The sinophobia in believing the Chinese imperialist myth: 

Yellow peril 

The irrational racist fear of china 

The myth about Chinese imperialism in Africa

Challenging the myth of Chinese land grabs in Africa 


Imperialism and The Interview: The Racist Dehumanization of North Korea

The Historical Experience in Building Socialism and the General Line of our Party by Kim Jong II

Long live Korean reunification and independence

Kim jong ll Let us advance under the banner of Marxism Leninism and the juche idea 

DPRK’s Alliance with Syria

Women lead lives of dignity in People’s Korea, 71st anniversary of the enactment of DPRK Law on Sexual Equality

Link of free e books on the DPRK (hundreds to choose from)
DPRK economy 

“Rojava” and “Kurdistan” imperialist project:

Free Kurdistan destabilize Iran

US’ arms supplies to Syrian Kurds is a geopolitical project, part of a larger plan

The Israel connection: Majority of Israeli oil is imported from Iraqi ‘Kurdistan‬

The removal of Assyrian mayors in towns within Iraq by the KDP

Syrian government declares northern Syria is nothing but Syria

‪Netanyahu backs partitioning Iraq for Kurdish state

Kurdish official says US role essential in post-ISIS Syria

US plan to balkanize Syria under false pretext of helping kurds get autonomous

US forces to stay in Syria for decades

Israelis ‘using Kurds to build power base
The Myth of the Kurdish YPG’s Moral Excellence

Stalin on what makes a nation, hint: not ethnicities

US to set up 5 bases in Iraq near Iraq border

Kurdish terrorist groups in Iran receive weapons and military training form us and U.K.

SDF: We are ready to cooperate with Saudi Arabia regarding Syria


US, Turkey to Set Up More Military Bases in Northern Syria

US: YPG provides the necessary components to carve out a safe zone

US military illegally occupy Tabqa Airbase as part of agreement with YPG

Seven+ illegal US bases in Syria
Kurds ethnic cleansing Arabs in raqqa

By supporting Kurds, the US tries to set up the ‘second Israel’

My personal thread on the Iraqi Kurdistan vote


Syria’s Bashar al-Assad: THE REAL REASONS Why The West Cannot Topple His Government

The Revolutionary Distemper in Syria That Wasn’t

The regime that isn’t
Syrian elections show broad support for Assad

US & allies have been funding AlQaeda-linked rebels in Syria since day 1

The ongoing media propaganda was against syria
Deconstructing the NATO Narrative on Syria
Syria: U.S. talk of chemical weapons a pretext for war

CIA activities in Syria

Why U.S. wants regime change in Syria

Syria: Doctors in Aleppo refute Western media lies

The Myth of Syria’s Moderate Rebels

The medias white washing of Syrian rebel war crimes

British Govt-Funded Outlet Offered US Journalist $17k/Month to Produce Propaganda for Syrian Rebels

Africa: Congo, Guam, et al: 

The crime of Congo by Conan Doyle

An open letter from Guam to America

Keith Harmon Snow Profiteering from Genocide in Central Africa

The Mysterious Death Of The Former President Of Mozambique

Empire in Africa: explores the imperialist aggression + distortion of conflict in Sierra Leone

Recolonization Of Africa: Us Military Missions Reach Record Levels After Pentagon Inks Deal To Remain In Africa For Decades

‘Tomorrow’s Battlefield: U.S. Proxy Wars And Secret Ops In Africa’

Secret documents reveal constellation of US military bases across Africa

How the world bank and the imf destroy Africa


The Palestine Nakba: Decolonising History Narrating The Subaltern Reclaiming Memory

Military lessons of the 1936 Arab rebellion in Palestine

The ethnic cleansing of Palestine
Palestinian armed struggle: means and ends by yezid sayig


Foundations of Colonial-Imposed Global Order Shaken by Islamic Revolution

Hillary Clinton admits the USA manipulated the Iranian green revolution

Hilary Clinton confirmed that US operatives supported the green revolutionaries in Iran

Why Iran’s Revolution is still a threat to U.S. imperialism (a great thing)

US involvement in ’09 Green Revolution include training Iranians in Bahrain


The Achievements of Hugo Chavez

Bolivarian missions

US-Led economic war, not socialism, is tearing venzeula apart

Venezuela to Investigate Food Giant Kraft Heinz for ‘Sabotage’

President Maduro to deliver the one million homes

Venezuelan Opposition Accused of Attacking Indigenous Radio Station

Land Reform in Venezuela

Hugo Chavez and the bolivarian revolution

US has budgeted $49 million for Venezuelan right-wing since 2009

CIA chief hints agency is working to change Venezuelan government

CIA Director revealed the U.S. advises Mexico and Colombia on how to manipulate the outcome in Venezuela

Marxs ideas deeply rooted in Venezuela revolution: ambassador

The Media and their Atrocities

“Denying” the Srebrenica Genocide Because It’s Not True: an Interview with Diana Johnstone

The Avoidable War

The Dismantling of Yugoslavia (Part I)

The weight of chains 


USSR Defeats Fascism: Hungarian Counter-Revolution & Insurrection (1956)

Constitution of the Hungarian’s people’s republic


Makhno myth

Anarchism or socialism? by Stalin

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